Franco-Indonesian Fusion evening in Paris with Indonesian chef William WONGSO

Dine like a head of state...🏅

Visit Tuesday, December 6, 2022 from 7:00 p.m. at Djakarta Bali, enjoy the best of Franco-Indonesian fusion for one evening, with WILLIAM WONGSO (Dinner Chef at the last G20 summit in Bali) ✈️🇮🇩🌴Reservations recommended, places limited.



Admission €19

Foie Gras and Asinan Jakarta, Crunchy Duck and Bangka Salad, Sate of Monkfish sambal matta

Soup 14€
Seafood laksa

Dish 28€
Rendang of beef cheek and mini tumpeng of yellow rice, curry vegetables, spicy, crispy and caramelized potatoes

Dessert 15€
Douceurs Nusantara
Caramelized bananas, sweet potato chauson, Kue lumpur small coconut and raisin crepe, Cendol

Full tasting menu 75€ /p
with Cocktail Djakarta Bali & Mocktail Matahari

(Please note: other dishes from the regular menu will also be available)